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Agroecology Capital
Investment Opportunity in India

We are making our first investment in the Indian market. 


It's a high-impact / deep-tech investment.

We are therefore pulling funds into a Special Purpose Vehicle to invest in this early-stage venture.

Legal structure

Club Deal Size

Ticket Size

Closing dates

Investment duration

Management fees


Performance fee

Delaware-based LLC

USD 200-500.000

Min USD 20.000

2023 Jan

5+2 years

2% of investment amount (annual) ; 5 years of management fees would be paid upfront

20% Carried interest


Agroecology Capital follows the principles and guidelines developed by ILPA to encourage discussions between Limited Partners and General Partners regarding fund partnership in private equity.  

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Agroecology Capital joined the Solar Impulse fundation World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of current or future results. Performance figures do not take into account any expenses related to transactions.

Important Notices
Agroecology Funds / investments are available to Accredited Investors only
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