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Investment profile
We focus on transformational technologies for the agri-food industry. We invest in the earlier stages of development (Seed to Series B) of technologies and companies that show scientific breakthrough, intellectual property, business-model innovation or unique partnerships.

Our initial investments range from $50k to $2m.

Investment areas

Agroecology Capital invests in transformational technologies crafted by talented founders. Deep technology companies tend to create durable returns, making timing much less important. ​Our investment areas span across the whole Ag verticals, in bioengineered technologies and data/software solutions.

Input Technologies

Seed Technology and Genetics

Plant Health and Nutrition

Biological Solutions

Next Generation Proteins

noun_protection of plants_2426113.png

Operations Efficiency

Next Generation Farming (CEA)

Precision Agriculture

Market Places

Food Safety and Traceability

noun_smart farm_2700586.png
Precision agriculture.png

Assessing your venture

We spend time to assess how you mitigate the technical and technological risks you face and to understand your future milestones and the amount of capital you will need to reach each of them.

We care about your competitive landscape. We want your innovation to be able to address a large enough market. 


We care about the impact your technology will have on the reduction of pesticides and fertilizers use and, more broadly, how it will help achieve true ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

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