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Agroecology Capital is an AgTech Venture Capital investment firm based in Silicon Valley.

Agroecology Capital is defined by a simple motto that stands as a manifesto: leveraging technology to achieve not only food sufficiency but also true ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

Investment thesis

Our investment thesis is organized around two pillars: 

Agriculture will become a Science/Technology-based industry

Discoveries in Agriculture have historically followed an extremely slow process. We believe that biotechnologies and technologies in advanced materials, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and robotics will overcome the current Ag innovation pace, and create enormous value for their investors and society.

Decomoditization will impact the Ag value chain and push food players towards the Ag space

Our investment principles are driven by a demand-based approach (instead of a cost-based one). We believe that there will be a significant shift in the market approach to commodity crop production, driven by downstream demand from both consumers and food companies. ​In a demand-based market, producers no longer sell commodities but food products. We invest in technologies that will enable this shift.


Agriculture is a mature industry. We believe that we can create value and impact by empowering innovators and technologies that create new markets and value chains and displace established market-leaders, products, and alliances.


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