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Environmental, Social, and Governance practices
Agroecology Capital focuses on investments that consider environmental, social, and governance impact.

We steer capital towards companies that provide solutions to significant social and environmental challenges and achieve impact at scale.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a useful foundation for scalable impact, representing a broad consensus of global stakeholders around 17 ambitious development goals.



To allocate capital more impactfully, our decision tools analyze our portfolio companie's :

  • Capex allocation policies

  • Supply chain performance

  • Opex management

  • New product design

  • Investment selection

We measure the impact 

We measure impact thanks to a proprietary methodology based on the research conducted by Chris Addy, Maya Chorengel, Mariah Collins and Michael Etzel, and synthesized in a Harvard Business Review article. We also used the work performed by TPG with Y analytics and Bridgespan to created a methodology to assess potential impact before a single dollar is committed.

Our measurement includes the number of individuals experiencing an outcome, an evidence-based quantification of the effect experienced relative to the counterfactual, the monetized value of the effect and some adjustment factors.

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